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As featured in Colorado Weddings Magazine, the Rocky Mountain Barrel Company is proud to offer wine barrel rentals. These barrels are the perfect addition to your wedding or party! Rental barrels are yours to use for four days per rental. Each barrel can be rented at a cost of $39 each. You must pick up and drop-off at our warehouse.

Contact Us for more information or to reserve your barrels.

Please note that barrel rentals are only available locally in the Denver area. If you are not located in Colorado, it is cheaper to purchase a barrel due to the shipping costs. Please note that event delivery is no longer available.



59 Gallon Red Wine Barrels
34″ Tall
26″ Diameter at the Bilge
22″ Diameter at the Head
120 lbs each


If a barrel is no longer usable in the aging of spirits or beer, there is still a use for these beautiful items. The Rocky Mountain Barrel company makes the most of all purchased barrels by creating or helping customers transform old wine barrels into functional and aesthetically appealing products. From handy cooking items to retail decorations, check out some of the other great uses for barrels.

With years of wine, spirits, or other flavors being soaked into our barrels, these items make the perfect compliment for smoking meat. As meat smokers, our barrels add a layer of complex flavor to the smoking process. From red wine to hot sauce barrels, Rocky Mountain Barrel Company offers outstanding enhancements to your culinary process.


From single barrel installations to the greater assembly of large stacks, our wine barrels create an ambiance in your home or landscape. Since all our barrels are constructed with 1” thick of grain French white oak, they survive the elements. Our company is always excited to see the creative ways customers turn their new barrels into works of art.


With a waterproof liner, a half wine barrel is perfect as a cooler. Some past customers have even managed to add hinges to their barrel as a means of creating a gorgeous wine barrel cooler ideal for home or catered events. What is more beautiful than keeping your alcohol cool in the very type of barrel being used to brew it?


From end tables to bars, our team has seen it all. Offer your bar a degree of authenticity by using wine and spirit barrels to construct its foundation. Adding an economical panel of 1” thick glass to the top of your barrels can transform it into the perfect bar. With a little woodwork, barrels can also be turned into desks. Our smaller barrels require little work to become the perfect end table.

Regardless of what you do with your perfectly crafted wine barrels, these items are a great addition to bring a feeling of ambiance and class to your home. Wine barrels are phenomenal for wine lovers and home decor enthusiast alike. Get in touch to learn more about how our barrels can be used to construct unique facets in your life.


Used wine barrels are the head-turning piece necessary to boost your sales and increase the allure of your retail store. Since all of our barrels have a story, these items make compelling centerpieces or features drawing your customers in. Once the barrels have captured their attention, it makes it that much easier to finish your sale.


From turning wine barrels into walk-in cellars to basic aesthetic compliments to your existing wine cellar, what is better than decorating your beautiful wine cellar with the very barrels previously used to ferment your favorite vintage. The team at the Rocky Mountain Barrel Company can assist you in figuring out how to use staves or barrel heads to enhance your wine cellar. Or let our team know your ideas and we would love to make them a reality.


One of our most popular items, our team of woodworkers turns your desired barrel into a rack for the very beverage you are serving. Whether tucked away in your wine cellar, a part of your kitchen renovation, or simply a standing item placed in your living room, a converted barrel wine rack is a luxury your home needs.

Barrel-made wine racks are the perfect compliment to any wine lover’s home. Our wine racks make a great housewarming gift for someone you know or even in treating yourself. Check out our pre-made selection of barrel-based wine racks to find your perfect fit today.


With the right material and drive, we have watched as customers have transformed our barrels into gorgeous water features. From outdoor fountains to inside drinking fountains, with a little imagination and the right tools, the potential of our barrels is limitless. Since all our barrels are made with premier wood, they endure, making them perfect foundations for your water feature construction!

At Rocky Mountain Barrel Company, our team prides themselves on offering superior service and the highest quality of products. If you have a question about our products or ordering process, please get in touch. We appreciate all questions and feedback. A member of our team will get back to your submission within 24-48 hours.