Used Barrels

They say that ‘Old is gold’, this is particularly true when it comes to wine, the older the wine, the better! But have you ever thought about what gives the wine that rich flavor and irresistible aroma? It is indeed the barrels in which they have been aged. Used barrels form an integral part of the winemaking (and whiskey) process.

Winemakers have used oak barrels for centuries, although new barrels may be a rage right now, traditional winemakers prize used oak barrels. Reusing used barrels can add three major components to wine – flavor compounds, slow ingress of oxygen, suitable environment.

Oak barrels can add flavor compounds including aromas of vanilla, clove, smoke, and coconut. These barrels allow the slow ingress of oxygen, this process will make the wine taste smoother and less astringent. And lastly, used barrels provide a suitable environment for metabolic reactions to occur, which enrich the taste of the wine and makes it creamier.

Oak and wine have had a long-standing relationship; old wine barrels are utilized somewhat like a “seasoning” to add flavor and palate to the wine. The world’s most expensive wines have enjoyed their fair share of oak influence. Whether it is French, Hungarian, American or others, used barrels leave a lasting mark on the bottled wine. Our aged barrels are used to beautifully flavor whiskey, wine, rum, beer and more. We’re proud to be part of a long tradition of American craftsmanship.

A wood or barrel-aged beer is all the rage today. It is aged for a period of time in a wooden barrel. This beer is aged with the intention of imparting the unique character of the wood and the flavor of what was previously stored in the barrel. Craft brewers are using wood to influence flavor and aromatics. A variety of wood is used including oak, apple, hickory and more.

A typical oak barrel can hold up to 59 or 60 gallons. Since oak is porous in nature, as wine ages inside the barrel some evaporation inevitably takes place. This natural process results in increased concentrations of both the wine’s aromatics and flavor profile. French and American oak are the two most commonly used varieties; they offer differing levels of flavor to the wine.

Most people do not know that approximately only 2 wine barrels can be made per oak tree, and an oak tree takes several decades to grow. Furthermore, the process of coopering the wood into barrels requires skilled professionals. All of this simply means that buying a new barrel would definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Instead of spending a bomb on a new barrel you can simply buy used barrels from us.

Rocky Mountain Barrel Company is an expert when it comes to providing premium quality used oak wine barrels from across the world. Every single barrel that we offer has been carefully assessed to ensure optimal quality. Our products are tools for aging spirits first and foremost, but they’re also an attractive addition to any home bar.

We may have outgrown the necessity for barrels to store and transport wine, but we have come to acquire a taste for it! This is why we offer a range of used barrels that can be used for various purposes.

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