Bourbon barrels are made up of white cask and is largely used for maturing scotch, wine, rum or beer for several decades in the United States. Although bourbon barrels have a long career after pouring out the whiskey, there is a huge demand of reusing bourbon barrels for interior home decor or at cafes and bars.

These charred bourbon barrels give a picturesque and primitive look which is trending these days. Place them at a corner in an unsophisticated manner and it adds a different charisma to the place. It can be used as a table for your candlelight dinner and even can be used for harvesting rainwater.

Along with this, you can make your own homemade bourbon, wine or beer using these barrels. Rocky Mountain Barrel Company offers used barrels up to 53 gallons for sale. Choose from used whiskey, wine or rum barrels that are available online. Select yours and get it delivered.

Used barrels is a thriving industry with many upcoming DIY projects for both indoor and outdoor purpose. You may renovate your house with these repurposed barrels that will surely attract eyeballs. These salvaged wood will bring a different story to your homes and might add a rustic element to it.

We represent 10 enchanting DIY home decor ideas to recycle your bourbon barrels.

If you have used bourbon barrels lying at some corner for years, then, here we are with 10 amazing DIY ideas to transform your house into a classic paradise.

1. Cellar dining table

2. Bourbon barrel styled bar

3. Wine barrel garden

4. Oak barrel bed for pets

5.Bourbon shape mirror frame

6. Barrel trash bins

7.Wine and bookshelf

8. Oak cask clock

9. Barrel style lamp

10. Classic barrel wreath

Rocky Mountain Barrel Company brings the best quality used barrels. We have premium quality used oak cask for sale. No matter how to decide to use the barrel, we will send out individually inspected barrels that will make you happy to the core.

Used Burbon Barrels DIY Ideas for Home Decor






These above DIY ideas would look great on casual decor with a mix of styles. Why just make it stand one place, let it move all over the place during birthday parties or at kitty parties. Mix match these rustic looking barrels with soft colors for a dramatic look. Look out for your bourbon cask for sale at Rocky Mountain Barrel Company.