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Used 59-gallon Red Wine Barrels – $149
Used 59-gallon 2013/2014 Chardonnay Barrels – $199
Used 53-gallon Sauvignon Blanc Barrels – $185
Used 53-gallon Bourbon Barrels – $189-$239
Used 53-gallon Tequila Barrels – $199
Used 53-gallon Rum Barrels – $209



Used 59-gallon Port Casks from CA – $389
Repaired 53-gallon 12-yr Scotch Barrels – $489
Used 53-gallon Calvados Barrels – $389
New Oak, 5-gallon – $175
New Oak, 53-gallon – $345
New Steel Barrel Racks, stackable $99

At Rocky Mountain Barrel Company, our team prides themselves on offering superior service and the highest quality of products. If you have a question about our products or ordering process, please get in touch. We appreciate all questions and feedback. A member of our team will get back to your submission within 24-48 hours.

The Rocky Mountain Barrel Company is proud to partner with close to 700 breweries across not only the United States, but also internationally. With all our partners, our team is proud of providing breweries great new and used barrels, casks, and other brewing items from around the world. No matter the partner, our team prides themselves on their customer service, our barrels, and our capabilities to build personal relationships with every customer.

All items sold by RMBC come inspected and are sold with complete transparency about their current state, past history, and potential uses. Every customer interaction is unique and we are happy to spend time educating how our barrels can enhance the work of our brewery partners. In the process of acquiring barrels, our team is intentional in maintaining quality. From checking the cooperage to managing shipping, from repairs to custom work, our team believes in great products and service.

Our company also believes in pushing the status quo. Where we specialize in wine and spirit barrels, we are always seeking out new methods of brewing great beer. We are proud to have helped partners obtain access to barrels previously used to make vanilla extract, hot sauce, maple syrup, and even tea to enhance their beer flavors.

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