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Red and white wine casks from the fabled Napa Valley and Sonoma! RMBC is one of the largest buyers of used wine casks in the world. Let us help you find the right cask!
Quality oak barrels play a pivotal role in the making of quality wines. Most of the premium wines across the globe will have an element of oak in their flavor profile. This is why we at Rocky Mountain Barrel Company source the very best used wine barrels for our valued clientèle. These wholesale wine barrels for sale are as important as the fruit when it comes to crafting the wine. The oak wine barrel is one of the most recognizable symbols associated with wine. These barrels have been used in the wine industry since ancient times but its usage became widespread in the 18th century. 

Originally these wooden barrels were used for their strength and utility, but later it was discovered that they impart wonderful aromas and flavors to the wine: vanilla, coconut, smoke, spice, etc. Most of you may already know that wholesale used wine barrels are commonly made of white oak. This form of oak can hold liquids better than other types of wood. Its pores are plugged with tyloses that help in making white oak suitable for water-tight vessels. In addition to this, white oak rays are unusually large and exist in high proportions creating a major barrier between the wine and air transfer. Apart from being premium quality wood, white oak is also known for its unique aromatic characteristics. Apart from these features, wine barrels have a unique value. A growing number of distillers are experimenting with barrel aging to provide their customers the best of both worlds in a single glass. The aging of whiskey, rum, and other spirits in wine barrels is common practice today. Casks that previously held Port and Sherry are the most sought after for finishing spirits. When you invest in one of our wooden wine barrels for sale, you can be sure that you have made the right choice. It is because these wine vats for sale form an intimate contact between the wine and yeasts that carry our fermentation. As the sugar is transformed into alcohol, these yeasts die, sinking to the bottom of the barrel, to form a layer of lees. As the yeast cells in the lees further disintegrate – a process known as autolysis – they provide the wine with desirable elements like amino acids, polysaccharides, which improve flavor and texture. 

Barrel fermentation produces richer and age-worthy wine. Empty wine barrels for sale were without a doubt is the earliest form of wine technology and their use is still important in the production of many of today’s wine styles. Without them, wine would have been much different from what it is today. Barrels have been a part of the winemaking culture for centuries. From an aesthetic point of view, wine barrels are very important. Wine barrels are the main attraction in wineries and vineyards. Most wine enthusiasts believe that a winery is incomplete without a barrel. And for the passionate winemakers out there, a barrel is not just another tool, it is rather an expression of their approach towards winemaking. Rocky Mountain Barrel Company encourages you to embrace the traditional method of winemaking by offering old used wine barrels. Use our barrels and enjoy the complexity and depth the oak adds to your wines!

At Rocky Mountain Barrel Company, we pride ourselves on forging relationships with vineyards and wineries across the globe. Our selection of used wine barrels for sale has choice barrels from all corners of the wine industry to meet your needs. We even have used wine barrels for sale that are from some of the more niche wine classifications such as Port and Madeira. If you are looking for a used wine barrel for sale for any purpose, contact Rocky Mountain Barrel Company. We will be sure to have what you are looking or we can track down the used wine barrel for sale and get it to you.