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What We're All About

It is our goal as a company to provide the best customer service and supply the highest quality used barrels from around the world.

Originally focused in North America, we have greatly expanded our operations over the years and are proud to partner with clients in over 50 countries, offering a wide range of barrels.

We consistently offer our customers the same great service, expertise, and transparency.

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Who We've Become

Every barrel we sell is individually inspected to allow us to offer you the best product. Our team is always upfront about the quality of our barrels and how they might impact your aging needs. From barrels used in wineries, distilleries, and breweries to home goods, our barrels are often custom suited towards the customer. The original mission of the Rocky Mountain Barrel Company was to advance the wine industry by providing barrels for the quality fermentation of wines. Lead through the expertise of our principal founder, Skyler Weekes, our team is proud of the advances we have made since our founding.

Over the years, our products have continued to grow but our attention to custom care has never diminished. We now work with over 700 customers ranging from large breweries across America to small consumers in countries such as Australia, China, and New Zealand. We are also constantly pushing to find new ways to serve our customers. Not only do we work to acquire premium wine or spirit barrels, but we are also on the constant lookout for new flavors to enhance the work of our partners.

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Where We're Going

Recently, we have branched into innovative barrels like those used in the creation of vanilla extract, hot sauces, or even maple syrup. Our client pool is also always expanding. We are proud to not only work with wineries, distilleries, and breweries, but also individual customers and even tea and coffee companies.

The team at the Rocky Mountain Barrel Company loves all the innovative things our barrels can be used for. We also always guarantee the same customer-based mentality. Our team is honest about the barrel you are receiving, potential repairs you might encounter, or if we cannot find what you are looking for. No matter your needs, we offer transparency in all our relationships. Get in touch today and one of our team members can walk you through our product offerings. Our team cannot wait to support you in using our barrels to create something wonderful!

Selection of high quality barrels from around the world