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Seeking out some inspiration for the best way to use your beautiful RMBC bought barrels? Wanting to take your aging process to the next level? Had a crazy idea on how to use your barrel that you brought to life? Our team cannot wait to hear about it and show the world.

The Rocky Mountain Barrel Company blog is designed to highlight the ingenuity of many of our customers while also providing tips and tricks on how to best use our barrels. Peruse our selection of stories about the great work our barrels are doing.

If you have photos you want to be featured or have a story about how our barrels have worked for you, let us know. We are always looking for ways to highlight our barrels!

Used wine barrels in making craft beer

The barrel is like another additive to your beer. Wood has recently become beneficial to the beverage. Many brewers use barrels that earlier contained a completely different type of spirits. The most prominent barrels are bourbon barrels commonly used to age hard beer...

Used whiskey barrels in making craft beer

Barrel aging is the latest trend in craft beverages currently. Competition for both used and new barrels has become profound now. Craft brewery using whiskey-sodden wooden barrels are becoming famous. Wooden barrels have been used in making craft beer for a long time....

Wine Barrel for Storing and Maturing Wine

A barrel is crucial for storing and aging procedures of wine which are intended to give a trademark flavor to the wine. This particularly applies to the more luxurious wines that are by and large made to acquire a high quality as they age. Several types of timber are...

Something Different

We are always seeing new and different things that are customers are doing with our products. We had a young lady request some barrel hoops for a public fashion show, Recycled Runway, in Boulder. The purpose of the show is to help raise awareness around recycling  —...

We Have Some Photogenic Barrels!

A professional photographer customer used some of our whiskey barrels as a prop for a photo-shoot for a new Bourbon Whiskey company! Look how pretty our barrels are! Great Job Steve Hirsch!    

We’re Famous!

Fox News in Denver came into the shop yesterday to do a news segment! See it here!

Pinterest is Addicting!

We have started a Pinterest page full of cool barrel products. Everything posted is something that we have the ability to make. Please let us know if there is something on the board that you would like to have, and we can work up an estimate for you. Our Pinterest...

Wedding Season is Here!

Wedding Season is upon us here in Denver. If you are interested in a classic look for your wedding, think about our rental program. For $39 each barrel, you can have instant cocktail tables, table bases, boundary markers, guest book tables, the options are almost...