There are chances that if you read Furniture Ideas for Used Whiskey and Wine Barrels, then you have inculcated certain of the ideas in your homes or might have even bought barrels and started aging spirits at home!

But, do you know that these wooden barrels for sale you bought also need regular maintenance and cleaning to remain intact?

Typically, in about three or four years, you may mark the finish of your wooden barrel furniture piece gone weathered or that the barrels are not aging the spirits as they did when they were new.

If you have bought used wooden barrels for sale and used them as furniture in your homes, then you must also apprehend certain things that will help you to maintain your home furniture. Classic pieces of furniture are costly and you must always take good care of them.


Let’s have a glance at a few maintenance tips for managing the whiskey barrel furniture in your home.

An oil finish will help it last long

An oil finish on a furniture piece made from a barrel can make it last longer. This method is used by most people who own this kind of furniture.
This will help you maintain your furniture in the best way possible.


  • When you are about to re-oil be sure to do it when its evening or in a shaded environment. Oil dries on the surface when exposed to heat.
  • If you feel the need to smoothen a certain piece, then you can use a 150 grit sandpaper in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Once you have finished brushing the product, let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. It will allow it to get absorbed into the wood and protect your piece.
  • 15-20 minutes into the process, start wiping excess oil thoroughly.
  • Leave it to dry for a day before using it again.

Choosing the perfect location for the furniture

When the task is taking care of the furniture, always pay keen attention to the location of the furniture.

Fast fact:
The wooden barrel for sale is either made from French, American or Hungarian White Oak.

The material used in making barrels is very durable and rot resistant.

Yes, that’s the reason why they are being used in wineries and distilleries since the past century.

  • So, keeping the furniture outdoors might not be a great idea if you forget about maintaining them.
  • The foremost damage will be done by the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays will turn the wood gray, hence aging it rapidly.
  • Let it remain exposed constantly and the material may split or crack.
  • So, keeping the barrel furniture in shaded areas is a solution.
  • But, if the furniture is in a shaded but open area, then rain can bring problems.
  • Too much moisture is bad, but a little bit of moisture is okay as it keeps the wood hydrated when maintenance is being done.

What products to use

Woodworkers suggest using Teak Oil, Tung Oil or Boiled Linseed Oil.
Some even use an exterior hardwood formula which is a combination of rosewood oil and other high-end ingredients.
The above oils work well and leave the barrel’s natural color intact.

How often should re-oiling be done?

Re-oiling must be done once you see that moisture is getting absorbed.
If the furniture is placed indoors, then the need to re-oil will be less frequent.


Aging spirits may seem an arduous task, but for liquor lovers, this is like the long pilgrimage walk which never wears them out. You will drink spirits and you will again leave them in barrels to age. You must also learn how to clean an aging barrel to increase its lifespan and maintain its effectiveness.

How often should a barrel be cleaned?

  • In case you want a change of taste and want the next lot out of the barrel to be some different spirit than the one you did last time, then clean the barrel thoroughly before using.
  • However, using different barrels for different spirits is the best way to age them keeping their flavors intact.
  • If you are using the barrel again to age the same spirit you did the last time, then it’s okay if you skip cleaning the barrel one time, or two!
  • Proper care of the barrels can make it last for 8 to 10 years. However, there have been cases when owners have cleaned it unnecessarily, which later resulted in the barrel getting charred and its lifespan getting drastically reduced.

How to Clean My Oak Barrel?

Get a good barrel cleaning/maintenance kit from some reliable source to clean your barrel and follow all included instructions. A barrel care kit includes:

  • Cleaning Tablets
  • Neutralizing Acid
  • Sterilizing Tablets

Next comes the cleaning part! Follow these steps:

  • Fill the barrel completely with a solution of cleaning tablets and warm water.
  • Leave to soak it for 24 hours at least.
  • After a day, empty the barrel and rinse it 3-4 times.
  • Now, fill the barrel again with a solution of neutralizing the acid and warm water.
  • Leave the barrel to soak it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Empty the barrel and rinse it again thoroughly 3 times.

Refer to the cleaning solution instructions on the kit for getting the correct idea of the solution ratio and the soaking time.


  • Each cleaning that you do will result in the barrel getting charred and losing its effect due to age and add flavors. This can also result in the entire process getting slowed down.
  • The charred surface is responsible for helping the spirits interact with the tannins and vanillin in the wood.
  • The charring process must be done every 2 to 3 years. You can thus attain the maintenance goals and also get your spirits aged on time.
  • To re-char an old barrel, use a butane lighter with a flexible neck. You can easily get these lighters in hardware and camping stores for lighting campfires and barbecue.

The process to Re-char An Oak Barrel

  • It is important to dismantle the bung and spigot from the barrel before re-charring it.
  • Leave the barrel to dry for 3-4 hours.
  • Next, insert the flexible butane lighter into the spigot hole and ignite the lighter slowly.
  • Turn the barrel to add a fresh char.
  • Rise the barrel thoroughly to remove any loose debris.
  • Fill the barrel with a solution of sterilizing tablets and water and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Now, empty the barrel and rinse it 3 to 4 times.

Storing an Oak Ageing Barrel

  • A barrel is something which many people consider classy and are determined to keep it for the long run.
  • If you are one of them, then make sure to store it filled with water mixed with storing tablets when not in usage.
  • Once a month, replace the solution in the barrel with a fresh solution of water and storing tablets. Then store it in an environment which is cool and where the temperature can be controlled.
  • When your aging season arrives, empty the solution and rinse it 3 to 4 times with warm water.

Aging spirits can be bewildering art. The task requires consideration of many aspects and there are always new things to learn from your mistakes you did during the last aging season.

Here’s an FAQ that most aging barrels buyers ask: My barrel has dried out, what can I do?

Rocky Mountain Barrel Company has been serving customers with wooden barrels for sale for aging and furniture pieces and we always make sure to provide our clients with all the guidelines before they take our barrels home.

  • If your barrel dries out between batches, then you must accept that you let the barrel dry out.
  • Try to revive your barrel again by going through the curing process.
  • If you still have leaks in the barrel after the pre-curing process, then try to submerge the barrel into hot water for a few days.
  • No doubt, this will change the overall look of your barrel, but this is the best chance you may have to repair the barrel.
  • Letting a barrel dry out can mean the end of its life.

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