The consumption of wine is growing continuously. It has become an important part of American culture. One reason behind its growing popularity is that we Americans dine out more and enjoy our cuisines accompanied by wine. It even comes with health benefits.

The medical world advises a glass a day for women and two glasses a day for men.

And that’s not all! It is a single beverage that can complement food and at the same time have a relaxed and fun evening with family and friends.

In America, there are foodies everywhere and most of them enjoy a drink or two frequently. With the emerging food culture, food and drink festivals are organized to savour the varied tastes. Additionally, wine tourism is gaining popularity in America. Hence, the concept of food trucks and wine festivals have been the glitter of the country. We know what you’re thinking!

So, here it is:

For the love of food and wine, we have compiled a list of the best food, beer, and wine festivals that are must for every wine lover to visit and enjoy!

1) Wine and Spirit festival – A great idea to start your summer, Wine and Spirit is a 2-day festival held in downtown Toronto that exhibits world’s best wine, spirit and cider procedures. You will get an amazing experience sitting beside the beach enjoying a glass of wine prepared by an expert bartender. And to add to the fun, great music and scrumptious food become the cherry on the cake.

2) The Great Tucson Beer Festival – The Arizona-held festival promises a fantastic night spent tasting a variety of beers. This makes it the largest beer tasting festival. Further, there are food trucks serving great pizza, kebabs, and burritos to match the exhilarating experience. It gets better with the presence of great music and tasty relishes throughout the festival which makes it an unforgettable episode even after leaving the place.

3) Vancouver International Wine Festival – People from more than 15 countries come over to Vancouver, British Columbia to sip the finest wine. The 8-day long festival has 50 different events and special events, auction and gala events. So, whether you are a wine collector, a wine trader or just stopping by to enjoy the oldest and rarest wines, this event is surely not a miss.

4) Hyde Park Brew Fest – The good news is that the event is completely free to attend. Not only does it have a free entry, but people could enjoy Chicago’s best brew while enjoying live music by the popular DJs.

5) Oregon Garden Brewcamp -If you wish to enjoy the scenic beauty of an 80-acre long botanical garden, the organic garden camp is the right place. The festival longs for 3 days and is filled with games, activities, and workshops. You can taste over 90 beers and samples of great wine and food. The vastness and the greenery of the place make it an ideal place to spread your tent and enjoy the natural beauty. Those who come here are offered a six-course meal and beer pairings. The best attraction about this place is an enjoyable mix of rock, jazz, blues, and Latin music.

6) Vegandale Food Drink Festival – The festival follows the trend of veganism prevailing across North America. The festival was started in Toronto and is growing all across America. Veganism is enjoyed through food, drinks, enjoyment, and great music. The food served here is completely vegan and dairy-free. If you want to satiate your buds for vegan food, this place is surely a MUST visit.

7) Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival – Now, this something unique! Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival happens for a social cause. The festival organizers make it a point to give back to the local food banks. The food is of premium quality and is prepared by the best restaurants in the province. The amazing thing about this festival is that the attendees get a chance to vote their favourite sips and meals. Do not miss this event if you want the best wine, brew, and food.

8) Breakin’ Bread – The festival is considered as a foodie’s paradise. Breakin’ Bread is an event where over 30 best restaurants of the city, expert local sips, and award-winning chefs gather at one place. The well-known thing about Breakin’ Bread is that it is the best place to enjoy Birmingham’s original flavours. It has amazing delicacies such as fish tacos, maple-bourbon glazed pork tenderloin, cilantro mayo, and blue crab cakes. The endless delicacies, wine, and entertainment matched with great live music create it the ultimate local food festival.

Hold on! The list doesn’t complete here. There is more to the food and wine lovers descend-

9) Birmingham Restaurant Week – The festival gives food lovers a chance to dine at the top restaurants of the city at a nominal price. The surprising number of 70 restaurants participate in the Birmingham Restaurant Week. The system followed here is that the restaurant offers two to three meals at a fixed rate. Of course, there are the best tasting wines and local beers.

10) Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival – The festival is organized in New York City and is known to be one of the expensive and the trendiest festivals. The event witnesses’ winemakers, spirit producers, more than 450 world-renowned chefs and prominent personalities from around the world.

11) Aspen Food & Wine Classic – This is America’s top culinary events. Besides cooking demonstrations by leading wine and culinary experts, there are lot more things in the three-days event. Cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, and panel talks are some of the major highlights of this event.

12) International Pinot Noir Celebration – The festival is celebrated each year during July in Oregon. International Pinot Noir Celebration has already completed 32 years. The exciting part is the festival includes vineyard tours, winery lunches, special sample tastings and numerous seminars that share interesting news and facts about Pinor Noir-related topics.

13) Taste Washington – Amidst beautiful springtime of the year, more than 230 wineries and 65 restaurants come together to the largest single-region wine and food festival held in the US. The four-day event sees grand tasting, wine dinners, and seminars on Washington wines. Here’s something that we both can agree! The next time you join the Taste Washington festival, you will see Seattle welcoming you with full joy and enthusiasm.

14) Nantucket Wine & Food Festival – Imagine world-appreciated wine and award-winning appetizing food served on one of the nation’s most beautiful islands. Fascinating! isn’t it? Each year, the Nantucket Wine & Food Festival is organized in Nantucket, Massachusetts. You could come and witness a great evening filled with harbor gala, great wine tasting, and wine-oriented seminars.

15) Naples Winter Wine Festival – So, this festival happens in the support of the Naples Children & Education Foundation. The annual festival happens for three days and gives it attendees a great opportunity to enjoy live wine auction, music and a lot of food to enjoy.

And the list goes on!

‘Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.’ – Andre Simon

We couldn’t agree more! When you attend different wine festivals, you get an opportunity to try and taste the world’s finest wines. Though everyone has their own choice, by tasting more wine you explore the specialties of different regions. You connect with your passions and make new friends along the way. Either way, wine tasting is the perfect opportunity that makes you a wine connoisseur. Perhaps you already have a better knowledge related to wine but attending a wine festival not only broadens your horizons but also promises endless fun and enjoyment. While you get to know the subtle differences between different types of wine, you can also stock up your library with exotic wines.

It is undeniable that wine is more than just a drink. Wine tasting is for each one of us, whether we are a wine expert, a novice or even if we are remotely interested in tasting it. Wine expertise gives you the exact knowledge of which wine to select to make a celebration splendid. You don’t have to spend a lot of time in a grocery store to select the most appropriate wine – be it for lunch or dinner.

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