A study in 2016 elicits that nearly 242 million hectoliters of wine were consumed worldwide.

This fact shows that there is a wild craze for wine among people. This festive season let us help you to make your oenophile friend cherish you even more with your presented gift. We have listed amazing gifting ideas that will work like a charm.

Without wasting any time let’s move on to the section you are eagerly waiting for.

Wine journal
Let your oenophile friend keep track of his/her favorite bottles in the wine journal. It has tabbed sections for red, whites, sparkling, rosé, fortified wines, and spirits where they can write detailed notes and rate the bottles and blends they drank.

Wine aerator
A perfectionist will adore this contraption that promises flawlessly aerated pours every time.

Wine vintage chart
This gift is for your friend who cherishes the science of wine. This chart of wine vintage productions will just hit the right note.

Denim wine tote
The denim tote is perfect for outdoor picnics. It is over the shoulder, two-bottle wine carrier made up of sturdy denim so that your friend’s favorite bottles are not mishandled.

Wood wine trough
For your friend who loves to throw festive parties, this monogrammed wine chilling trough is a perfect gift for him/her.

Wine tasting getaway
Make your friend go crazy by gifting him/her a trip to Napa Valley. Let him/her cherish the panoramic views of the valley while enjoying every sip of never-ending wine.

Wine tool set
Make your friend’s wine service even classier with the bamboo wine tool set. It is a one-of-a-kind collection of wine accessories featuring a wine stopper, wine pourer, drip ring, and a corkscrew with an elegant design.

Bread and dip collection
Make your friend’s wine tasting party elegant by gifting him/her the bread and dip collection that features assorted bread from around the world that pairs amazingly with the wine.

The essential guide to wine
Packed with nifty infographics and practical tips, this book is a treasure trove for vino enthusiasts. From novice to pros, everyone will be seduced by this colorful coffee table book that introduces readers into the beautiful world of wine.

Wine stain remover
Give your favorite wine lover the greatest gift of all by giving him/her the ability to wear winter white even while drinking red wine.

Wine-scented candle
Aroma plays a prominent role in the overall taste of the wine. Let your friend enjoy the soft smell of his/her favorite wines even when they are not drinking.

Vinebox subscription
This subscription introduces your wine-loving friend to new regions and terrain as they receive single glasses of each wine based on his/her preferences. They can enjoy the wine from every corner of the world and can also order full-sized bottles. Help your friend to expand his/her palate.

An eye-catching carafe
If you know that your friend will finish a full bottle in one sitting, then a carafe is the best gift for him/her to aerate larger quantities of wine. As a bonus, this carafe will also look lovely in your friend’s kitchen when idle.

A merlot-infused coffee blend
Having wine in the morning is perfectly fine if it comes in the form of a merlot-infused coffee blend.

Wine chilling pearls
Give your friend this chilling pearls, who don’t have time to chill the entire bottle, and these cubes will get the job done for him. These pearls are an excellent alternative to ice cubes to water down the drink.

Cheese knife collection
It is a great set of cheeseboard accessories containing vintage cheese knives to make his/her a wine tasting party a success.

Wine chiller
The three-in-one wine chiller is a perfect alternative to ice cubes. It is made up of sleek stainless steel device to make it works as a pourer, aerator, and chiller while allowing the wine to enhance its flavor.

Wine system
Turn your friend into a magician by allowing him/her to pour a glass of wine without removing the cork. Yes, the gadget lets you pour a drink without opening the cork.

Make your favorite oenophile happy with a luxurious wine opener that blends practically with fine French craftsmanship. Made of superior, rust-resistant stainless steel and accessorized with a fashionable ivory acrylic grip, this tool is invented to last long.

Wine marker
Help your wine lover friend ensure that their guests are drinking from the right glass. These wine charms will add a charming touch to their glassware.

A wine caddy
If your friend is a host of the party but doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a full-size home bar, then this caddy will rescue him/her as it can store up to four bottles and six glasses without any problem.

Sparkling wine making kit
Make your wine lover friend cherish you even more by gifting him/her a wine making kit that can turn Chardonnay grape juice into sparkling wine.

Oak bottle
Let your wine collector friend enjoy each sip by gifting him/her this oak bottle that promises to transform any average red wine into a glorious vintage in just 2 hours.

Wine club
Are you confused which wine to buy for your friend? Don’t worry, the wine club has a pack of six bottles!

Mulling spices
The season for some delicious mulled wine is near. Present your wine enthusiast friend with the kit that contains all the necessary ingredients to whip up the wine with ease.

Portable wine glass
Any grape lover in your life will admire receiving an insulated travel cup that they can take everywhere. Designed for classy drinkers, this portable wine glass comes with a spill-proof lid and double wall for extra insulation.

Nautical style wine tote
With room for two bottles, your friend can carry the wine bottles comfortably without any jostling. The nautical style wine tote is a practical accessory having a top handle and adjustable strap to aid your dear ones who often go out on summer brunches and picnics.

Wine cooler
Aid your wine lover friend to store his/her vintage with style by gifting him/her this interesting product that maintains the coolness of the bottle for long after being removed from the refrigerator.

An electric bottle opener
Reduce the work of your friend by gifting him/her this rechargeable bottle opener that uncorks vino and can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.

Cheese collection basket
The process of wine tasting without a selection of cheeses is incomplete. Present your friend with this impressive selection of the most popular cheeses to make your friend’s wine tasting party a success.

Clever wine stopper
This holiday season, impress your friend by gifting him/her a smart wine gizmo that is made from food-grade stainless steel and silicone. This universal wine stopper adorns with three twistable date rings that help your friend to record the month and day when the wine was opened.

Wine sleeve
Surprise your wine lover friend by presenting him/her this sleeve that will keep the wine chilled and protected for at least an hour.

Wine tool set
This classy set comes with a corkscrew, foil cutter, cork opener, and stoppers for red and white wine—everything you need in stylish packaging.

Wine wipes
These individual wipes not only help protect the teeth from wine stains but also can be used to cleanse the palate between tastings.

Wine lip scrub
It can help to freshen up between glasses with this natural lip scrub made with beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and alkanet root.

Wine tasting kit
Help your friend to learn the art of wine tasting by giving him/her the walkthrough of six delicious wines to enrich his/her blind taste-testing experience.

Wine purse
This adorable wine purse that has a secret insulated compartment with a 1.5-liter bladder bag to store her favorite bottle of vino.

Wine saver
Help your friend by keeping his/her wine fresh so that he/she can enjoy it every day. This wine saver will help him/her creates a seal to keep their favorite vino tasting fresh for a week.

Barrel-shaped cork and bottle holder
Your friend can stash the leftover corks and create a beautiful design from the barrel-shaped cork holder.

Martin Codax Albariño
Help your loved one to enhance his/her wine collection by gifting this Spanish wine that is perfect for holiday dinner parties. Its bright flavor will lighten up the mood of your friend’s party.

Wine Travel Case
Gift him/her the wine suitcase that keeps everything safe and sound. Let him/her enjoy every sip of their favorite wine everywhere.

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