Food and wine pairing is a complex puzzle and feels like a mystic art that can be mastered by years of practice. Practicing wine drinking for many years may seem appealing to some, but it’s often too much effort and too much to learn for an average wine drinker.

People always struggle when it comes to pairing food and wine. It is essential that you should have some basic knowledge about food pairing otherwise your wine tasting party may turn into a nightmare.

We all know that the notion of pairing food and wine is centuries old, but now science is backing it up.

Let’s learn how food and wine pairing plays a crucial role in your hosted wine party.

When it comes to wine and food pairing, most bourgeois have the misconception that “What grows together, goes together.”

For example, many people can pair Italian Sangiovese with Italian pasta and make a fair pairing without stressing out.

But if you are the one who considers wine as an ingredient, then you must learn about the characteristics of wine so that you can make a perfect pairing.

Your first step is to start analysing the structure of the wine. Each type of wine present distinct features such as tannin, acidity, sweetness, and alcohol level. When you start perceiving the wine traits as flavour ingredients, it becomes easier for you to pair them with a meal.

In a press release, a researcher explained that “astringent wine and fatty meat are like the day and night of the food world, sitting on polar ends of a sensory spectrum.”

Here are some perfect food and wine pairing concerning their taste characteristics:

Steak and Cabernet Sauvignon

Red wine has an excessive amount of tannin. This substance leaves a chalky sensation on your teeth and dyes your mouth dark after drinking. The fat in a steak counters the tannins and softens the impact, and the meat’s bold flavour matches well with the fruity taste of the wine.

Oysters and Muscadet

A western France produced white wine is crisp and clean. It has the potential to bring out the subtle complexity of freshly shucked oysters. White wine like Muscadet’s leanness and briny minerality heightens the saline essence of the oyster with its acidity. The pairing brilliantly fits with each other.

Meatball Spaghetti with Sangiovese

Spaghetti sauce contains tomatoes that are bold, high on acidic characteristics and are often blended with smooth, red meat. The acidity in tomatoes pairs perfectly with a Chianti’s smooth and excessive tannin flavor. They even out each other to create a creamy sensation in the mouth.

Spicy Indian food and Riesling

Slightly sweet, low-alcohol Rieslings wines can quench your palate from the spicy food. Moreover, sweetening agent alleviates the burning sensation of your tongue. That’s why it fits best with spicy Indian food.

Salmon and Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the ideal match for salmon. The light red fruits and earthy, piquant nature of a Pinot are a perfect match for the rich and fatty meat of the salmon since salmon is an oily fish, a Pinot with a medium acidity aids to cut through and balance the dish’s oiliness.

Stilton and Port

Stilton blue cheese is the classic pairing with Port, not only because the salty, nutty shades in the cheese pair elegantly with the sweet wine, but also because of Great Britain’s long-lasting history of being involved in the wine trade with Portugal.

Lamb and Bordeaux

Because of the gamey flavor, lamb beams with wine that has a vibrant, bold personality to stand up to it. Bordeaux is a bright and fruity wine that suits well with the fatty richness of the meat to help absorb some of the wine’s tannins.

Dark chocolate and Ximinez

The polyphenols in dark chocolate mirror well with those present in wine and give both a somewhat bitter taste. The bitterness in dark chocolate is what that can be balanced out properly with Ximinez as it adds nutty and raisin flavors to dark chocolate to even out the bitterness.

Glazed ham and Rosé

A glazed ham served on the table go well with Rosé as not only do the crisp, tangy berry flavours of the wine matches well with a treat of glazed ham, but the vibrant pink colour complements the pink colour of the pork.

Fruit tart and Ramandolo

Sweet wines like Ramandolo works like a charm when paired with desserts like a fruit tart. The reason of using a Ramandolo against dessert is that wine should be sweeter than the dessert it’s paired with; otherwise, the wine’s sweetness gets neglected, and you’re mostly left tasting the tart elements.

Sausage Pizza and Barbera d’Asti

If you are a fanatic of sausage pizza, then there are chances that you will like bolder red wine like Barbera d’Asti. This pairing is heaven made as Barbera d’Asti work well with sausage because the spices like fennel, anise, thyme, and oregano intensify the wine’s flavour.

Shellfish and Fiano di Avellino

The white wine is an excellent match for the shucked shellfish as the yeasty, autolysis characters combine exceptionally well with the creamy flavours of the shellfish. It allows you to enjoy every delicate taste of the dish with every sip.

Grilled turkey and Alta Langa

Alta Langa matches perfectly with cooked turkey as it circumvents high tannins and alcohol. Moreover, the herbs used for garnishing the grilled and crispy turkey gives a pleasant taste when paired with Alta Langa.

French toast with Bacon and Lison

For this pairing, the dry Lison is the best wine. Lison hams up the bacon, and the dryness will help counteract the syrup on the French toast. As a pairing, it acts as a palate cleanser with its sky-high acidity, which is going to help with morning egg breath.

Soy Chorizo Tofu and Zweigelt

This flavour-packed dish with acute spicing needs a wine to help quell the burn. For this, light red wine like Zweigelt can work like a charm. This Austrian red taste great when served slightly chilled and will enrich the flavor profile without making you feel over-spiced.

Strawberry crepe and Crémant de Loire Rosé

Fluffy ricotta cheese with a sprinkle of honey over a warm crepe and then garnished with strawberries is hard to avoid. A rosé bubbly wine like Crémant de Loire Rosé can add another level of enjoyment to your taste as it matches perfectly. The color of the rosé enhance the crepe’s appearance and also form an explosion of creaminess after every bite.

Biscuits with gravy and Barbera

Thick, salty gravy on top of fluffy biscuits will want you to reach for the tissue with every bite. The ideal wine like Barbera is going to have a touch of tannin to scrape the fat and moderate acidity to quench your thirst. The high acidity in this Italian red wine is perfect, and the flavours of anise complement the biscuits perfectly.

Which are your favourite pairings? Enjoy one of the most straightforward and most delicious dishes with the sip of the perfectly paired wine. We are sure that this blog will make your pairing decision simple and quicker. You’ve got the recipe for one incredible wine party. Now, it’s time to find a reason for celebration.

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